Since 1982, we have been in the ready-to-wear sector as well as being among the leading companies in the sector. From the past to the present day, fashion, every color, every pattern, every emotion hosts, positively shaped our lives in this situation we have followed the front row and we have implemented these designs.

Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront in our service life to all our staff to prioritize understanding that we are meticulously. Before and after service, we always answer your questions and go to the question marks in mind.

Our garments, which have unique design where quality is at the forefront, have always satisfied our customers and ensured the continuity of our work areas. In addition to our existing customer portfolio and references, we continue to develop and renew ourselves and shed light on your demands and ideas with our imagination.


We shape fashion for you by producing high quality and original clothes where customer satisfaction is at the forefront, your imagination is combined with our ideas and transformed into design.


With the rapidly developing technology and trade areas, changing economy and increasing population, we are always renewing ourselves as Başeğmez Textile. Our aim is to provide the best service by designing trendy garments that shape fashion.